Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Special surgery recovery sketch from Shelly.

This little Sasha sketch accompanied this poem from Shelly.
Many thanks Shelly for such a delightful and personal gift.

If we could be real for just one a day,
then this is where we would be,
Standing on your doorstep,
with presents, one, two, three.

If we could be real for just one day,
before the rising of the moon,
We would kiss you on the cheek and say,
we hope you feel better real soon.
by Shelly Baxter.


  1. Shelly's sketch and words are so nice :) Ginger

  2. Shelly is a lovely friend to so many of us and you cant buy that!

  3. Shelly is such a sweetheart! A doll site to keep us all entertained AND a kind heart.