Sunday, 6 March 2011

Baby Sasha and her new toy chest.

We all know just how much young children like playing with large empty boxes (sometimes to our dismay even more than with the present that it housed) well it seems that these Sasha babies are the same judging by the antics of this little tot of mine with her new, not yet decorated, toy chest/box.

Trendon baby Nightdress now wigged in a Monique Doris wig due to falling hair.

She is wearing a delightful little dress and shorts by sasha*smiles.

Not quite big enough to lie down straight in it.



  1. Another creative idea Kendal, how sweet those pictures! Mary H.

  2. Love these pictures Kendal!
    Steve x

  3. These are really great shots Kendal and I love that dolly in her wig so much.She is the cutest with her rabbit.
    I seem to recognise that box.......

  4. Dr Lawrence Jones7 March 2011 at 12:38

    These pics are simply gorgeous Kendal - and delighted to have you back.

    P.S. More hats please :):):)

  5. Kendal, I love your peek-a-boo shot particularly. It was my son's favorite game in his youth. I still can get a smile from him when I catch him unaware and say "peek-a-boo". This photos are just great and so heart-warming. Thank you! Ginger :)