Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Just look at what my daughter gave me for Christmas!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened up this unique and fantastic present from her. What a truly wonderful idea. I feel so loved and very lucky. Please read the inscript on the dust cover at the front (and on the back.)


  1. What a wonderful gift, very sweet of your daughter!

  2. That is really fabulous!! Congrats on your new book as well as having such a lovely are truly blessed!
    Cathy in B.C.

  3. What a wonderful book Kendal... Your photographs are amazing... Very cool idea for a present for you... Chon is so thoughtful.

  4. Kendal, What a wonderful gift from your daughter! So creative, special, and lovely!

  5. Chon has really nailed it with this one Kendal.
    Not only has she taken on your love of your hobby but she has created a beautiful testimony of it with binding your wonderful photos into a book.
    I always said you should do a Sasha book as your pictures are a real joy.
    WHAT a superb gift.
    Can she get me one? Lol!
    If you did a book I would most definitely buy it.
    Love Sarah and her Sashas xx

  6. I wish this book to be published and we all to be able to buy it!