Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 New Year Doll.

I've never really been one for buying the Gregor Dolls until Dollydoodles started designing and sewing her Gregor leisure wear and now it seems that I'm continually on the look out to increase their numbers.
So meet Sam, my latest lad, a 1968 Frido Gregor.

...and here he is in a OOAK Dollydoodle leisure outfit (with the addition underneath of a Pinestreetstudio Polo shirt) bought especially for him.


  1. Wait til he meets his cousin here and another in transit. What fun they can have together.
    Lovely and the dark colours in the hoodie set make him look like a proper little boy! xx

  2. With that look of innocence you just KNOW he is going to be up to something!! xx