Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Try on of a first dress on my Christmas Sasha.

Sasha playtime is unfortunately still in short supply so I haven't been able to have a look through my Sasha clothing boxes to see which clothes and styles might suit my new doll the best but here she is in one outfit that had just recently been taken off another doll who is modelling one of my Christmas gift outfits.

I definitely think that the length of this dress suits her.

With her hair taken down from her original side bunches she looks less like a tomboy and who should be in dungarees.


  1. She has got such a sweet face Kendal. xx

  2. Hi Kendal, i do not know if my comments reach the site, i have to choose : Anonymus,' but it is me...Mary H.

  3. Hi Kendal, it is amazing how her appearance change by changing her clothes, i think it is a challenge to change her looks,
    Mary H.