Monday, 9 April 2012

Another doll who...........

(Knowing that I wouldn't have much time over the weekend to take any photos for a new post of my birthday gifts I prepared this one previously to fill in the gap.....)

Unfortunately doesn't seem to make it to the blog although she is one of my very first 1960 Gotz girls (and the only one of that group still remaining here...) so she has been with me for quite some years now.


She has selected to wear a very pretty OOAK Ruthsdoll's smocked two toned green floral print dress with a little lace trimmed collar teamed with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.


This Gotz doll has the fullest and best hair of all my Gotz girls that aren't the later No-navels. Her eyes are just slightly larger than the other slate eyed dolls and I think that overall she has a slightly older look than the usual seven year old of most of the other Sashas so on occasions she tends to play a teenager or, if needed, a mother to the babies.


This is my favourite pose of this post and she told me that she has chosen this green as it heralds the coming of Spring.


Huge EASTER thanks to Sarah for her wonderful help here yet again.


  1. What a good colour to choose to herald the coming of spring. Although raining here today, from our window we can see lots of shades of green and white and pink blossom on the trees and shrubs in the garden...just needed the timely reminder from your gorgeous Gotz girl to look beyond the rain. She is lovely Kendal, and nice to know she is one of your original Gotz girls.

  2. Ginger said...
    Lovely girl in green. Her eyes are so beautiful! Lovely photos :)

  3. Beautifully painted Sasha looking lovely in her fresh spring dress

  4. She is really stunning Kendal, amazing hair ... a very lucky slate eyed girl to have such luscious locks, I love her slightly larger eyes, she's very minty looking ... she looks fabulous in the green dress, I love green but hardly have any green clothing for my dolls, its a really pretty and fresh looking dress. She really is very beautiful. Cathy x

  5. I really like the slate eyed dolls and she's a particularly lovely girl.

  6. "Gotz-rific!" "Sashas forever!"

    A very *beautiful* girl... one can see each brush stroke made by the artist that painted her eyes... ! Yes, very *big* slate eyes... perfect little nose dots... and the yummiest lips...! Her blonde tresses are full and almost silky looking... a nice freshness to her fringe... straight with ever-a-bit of volume... very very lovely...!

    Agreed... green is the color of Spring... signalling *rebirth*... a season of new growth/flowers and beauty to come... a perfect choice... with dainty little white socks and matching (JJ) leather cut-out sandals... an *Easter sweetheart*... !

    I'm sure she ended up with a basket of goodies from the *Easter Bunny*... colored jelly beans... chocolate dipped marshmallow bunnies... and those solid chocolate eggs wrapped in bright foil... ohh, what fun it is to be a kid... !

    A truly lovely Gotz girl... am happy to know she has been with you for a long long time... it's easy to see why... !

    Thank you for preparing this post ahead of Easter and your Birthday... "smart girl"...!

    May the joy, love and celebrating you experienced on your birthday last each and every day ahead... !
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you Sarah W... :)