Friday, 30 March 2012

Another 'lesser-known-to-the-blog' Sasha

Unfortunately these photos don't do justice to this Frido 1967 Dungaree NP girl. She is a petite doll with a rather a sad and wistful expression.


She has chosen to wear this OOAK Ruthsdoll's smocked homespun outfit with a little bit of a history to it.


This little dress was worn by one of Ruth's own Sashas when they came to Dawn Law's first ever Sasha Funday. I fell in love with it immediately (along with a dear little smocked green/white gingham dress that another of her dolls had on and which my Gotz slate-eyed Sally loves to wear) and asked if I could buy them. You can see the answer!!!!


They originally came as an outfit with Ruth's trademark in those days of making 'matching material to the dress' Mary-Jane shoes and her plain white socks and which I still have.


Apologies as usual for all the flyaway hairs across the face and the loss/deleting of photo one photo along the way.
Loads of thanks again to Sarah.


  1. What a sweet face she has! Kendal all your girls are so nice and so well dressed.
    I could easily spend a day just going from one to the next admiring them.

  2. She is precious! She is so thoughtful in her expression and lovely in her dress. I love plaid and smocking together. Thank you Kendal and Sarah. :)

  3. Ahhh, Sasha therapy.... after a long day with the grandbaby...!

    She has such a pretty pensive face... am lovin' this 67 NP...! I can see why you fell in love immediately with this dress from Ruthsdolls (charming story)... it's just *so* perfect for her coloring... and I vividly remember Sally's favorite dress... the green/white gingham... wonderful dresses with yummy smocking and simple lines.

    How sweet... she is holding her little Spring lamb... really lovely pics of a *not-seen-too-often* beauty.

    Blogger seems to have eaten by earlier comment... not to worry... this one is good enough... !

    Thank you Kendal for sharing another one of your gorgeous girls... I needed a fix!!!
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Whoops... error in typing/spelling...!
    It should read... "Blogger seems to have eaten *my* earlier comment." I should proof-read!
    Gotta run... -Anne

  5. With her lovely innocent and yes slightly sad and wistful expression she looks to be a really special little girl and is clearly fond of her lamb. Wonderful story about the little dress which is delightful on her.

  6. This girl has such a beautiful look to her! Ruth's dress is fab to! Thank you Kendal for sharing, lol.
    Love Steve XXXX