Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wishing a very happy and healthy New Year to all my Blog Followers.

This posting has taken me well over three hours to list. A case of trial and error and going back to the very beginning at least fifty times and even now I'm not sure if it will publish correctly.

This beautiful little Dollydoodle three piece outfit AND the delightful wee Steiff Penguin was given to me by Susan Bulger-Pomeroy for Christmas. Just how lucky am I? I feel that all my Christmas' had been rolled into one.

It has been put on my New Christmas Quirky eye-browed baby who has yet to be named but the choices are from baby 'J', Jay (linked to the name Jesus) Joe (after Joseph) or baby Chris (after Christmas.)

I'm trying to remember the name of the little Penguin in one of the children's books that I have here somewhere. Pingu I think it was but need to check before this name is given to THIS little Penguin.

Over FIVE hours this has now taken me and have somehow deleted a photo along the way SO my daughter is trying to put me on a new blog under 'wordpress' to see if this is easier for me.


  1. It may have taken three hours but you did it! ;-)

    Lovely outfit, cute penguin and gorgeous baby Jay :-)

  2. Merry Christmas. Your new baby looks right at home and ready to play. Good luck on the learning to post learning curve...

  3. Happy New Year Kendal!

    LOVE your new Quirky baby... PRECIOUS! He's quite a photogenic little lad... too cute!

    Golly geez... names... may I offer the suggestion of *jojo*... spelled, of course, as you wish. (I am also fond of baby 'J'.)

    There is a childrens book titled "The Penguin Adventures of Ping and Pong" by Lance B. Mitchell. Don't know if that is the book you have in mind.

    Your photos are adorable... your Quirky baby looks so cozy in his Dollydoodles outfit... and the petite sleigh is perfectly sized. And, how can I not comment on that LOVEABLE wee penguin... such a yummy yummy plush. Steiff makes the most desirable, cute and highest quality plushes available... PERFECT!

    Congratulations on getting this post up... you are making great progress... good job! Thank you for all your efforts.
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Happy New Year Kendal!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting these sweet photos of your baby in his darling outfit. The penguin is very cute and a perfect winter toy for the baby :)

    Your photos of babies are always so very sweet and you are so talented to know how to capture them in the very best way. Thank you!!!!! Ginger