Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Sasha girls get changed for Christmas

As I mentioned a few weeks before, my Sasha girls tried to be helpful to 'BUSY' me by changing themselves into these pretty dresses for Christmas Day.

1970 Trendon doll re-rooted by Jackie wearing a little knitted cardy by Molly over her vintage-sasha outfit.

1970 'minty' Trendon doll wearing a vintage-sasha outfit with another little Molly cardy
added for warmth.

1969 Frido wigged in a Global Cosette discontinued wig doll (one of my daughter's favourites of my dolls)
wearing a dress bought off Shelly's website and yet another of Molly's little knits and Ruthsdoll's distressed boots.

1968 Frido Single Fringe Dungaree girl who has taken the easiest way out and added yet another of Molly's cardy's over a vintage-sasha dress and manufactured shoes and socks.


  1. The girls look lovely with their pretty dresses and Molly's lovely cardigans.

  2. MY-OH-MY... your girls have such good taste in their Christmas clothing selections! Very cute... very practical. How sweet of them to help you out during the hectic holiday season and dress themselves... you must be so proud!

    I enjoyed seeing the different hem lengths... the different colors and patterns of their dresses and cropped cardis... the various shoes/boot styles and socks... it shows they each have their *own* little personality/style.

    Darling group... your 69 (wigged) Frido has captured my heart.

    Thank you for posting these photos. Hugs,-Anne

  3. Kendal...Great photos and I love the outfits too,thank you for sharing your fantastic doll collection with us,Happy New Year to you !

    Chris xx

  4. thinking your computer lesson went ok.....well done !....sarah x

  5. Dear Kendal, your photos are fantastic!!!!
    Your sweet girls made wonderful choices and the Molly cardys are so pretty. I love the colors and textures.
    Thank you for the lovely images :)

  6. Amazing pictures & lots of inspiration here! Your cute Sashas are just wonderful. Going to try making one of these special cardis! Diana Merle