Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I'm having a computer lesson later today...

in the hope that I can master this re-sizing in Photobucket before the transfer to my bog as Sarah W has been doing for me. So watch this space. Many thanks for all the gorgeous Sasha outfits and accessories that I have been given this Christmas. I have planned to have a Sasha play/trying-on with photography day on Friday when the family have returned home.


  1. Good luck
    I'm dreading the upcoming lesson from my son on how to download photos from the camera and then post them :(

  2. Kendal,
    Am sure you will master the technique. Remember... *you can do anything*... at least that is what I always tell myself... lol!

    Am looking VERY forward to seeing ALL the photos from your "Sasha play/trying-on with photography day." Can hardly wait... to view the gorgeous *new* outfits and accessories.
    Hugs, -Anne