Thursday, 29 December 2011

More girls who have changed themselves into dresses for Christmas.

Please note that FINALLY I have hopefully mastered the technique of adding photos to my blog via Photobucket after re-sizing.
Three cheers! Hip, hip, hooray!

Harper, a 1970 Trendon Doll customised by Shelly called and wearing a Ruthsdoll's dress and manufactured shoes and socks.


  1. Well done Kendal!

    Harper is lovely and looks gorgeous in her Christmas dress.

  2. Bravissimo!!!

    What a treat this morning to see you have finally done it. I could tell you were having problems yesterday... as I couldn't bring up the post.

    How nice to finally meet Harper... a beauty. Such luscious wild curls... my daughter has hair like that and I love it!

    Also, I'm quite fond of smocked dresses... having worn them as a child... a very *classic* look. Hugs, -Anne

  3. Harper is lovely! Her wig is so nice and I love her curls that give her such a sweet, soft look-- wonderful :)