Saturday, 2 July 2011

Two more of my Sasha Funday outfits.

In answer to one of the comments below about Luke's change of torso I am enclosing a photo of the chewed feet in case they are recogniseable as that of him previously being her doll.

Mustn't forget my boys! Here is Luke, a 1969 (wigged due to falling hair) Gregor, looking 'cool' in one of Dollydoodles latest Summer creations with commercially manufactured converses.

This lad has a bit of a history as his 'minty' head (although with falling hair) arrived with very chewed feet (I was aware of this before I bought him) so I eventually managed to get him a new NP torso and asked Brenda Walton to swap over the bodies.

One of Pinestreetstudio dresses being worn by an early 1960s large headed, yellow eye with lashes girl. JJ sandals compliment the outfit.

This doll has had her fringe re-rooted by Michael O Brian and was one of the girls shown on his set of close-up facial photographs.


  1. With regards to didn't buy him from Shelly's did you? One of my former dolls was sold on there and he was a displayed only 1969 doll whom my dog had chewed both feet badly..this was the only doll he had ever eaten of mine..he actually sleeps in his dogbed with his own 1971 Sasha baby who he loves and doesn't chew at all!!

  2. You certainly have an eye for the beautiful Sashas. I love your large headed Gotz...stunning...those gorgeous eyes/lashes and the super how it falls to the side...very glamerous! Luke is lucky you rescued him and made him into a very handsome boy, indeed. You always amaze me Kendal with your creativity.

  3. Forgot to add:
    Is that Fritz in the opening photo to your blog? I really can't tell...but I find the photo extremely artsy! Great job!

  4. Yep! They look like Luke's feet...I am SO glad you managed to save him..well done you!!

  5. Hoping that this, the FOURTH attempt that I have written and tried to leave a reply to two of the comments above actually publishes itself this time...or else I'm giving up.
    I had previously tried to write in answer to the Anonymous comment on the 3rd July that yes, I did buy 1969 Frido Luke (now wigged due to his falling hair) from Shelly's website (95% of my Brood have been purchased from Sashadolluk) a couple of years ago and asked Brenda Walton to swap his body for another one that I had to eliminate the chewed feet.
    Secondly, yes that is a part of Fritz's face on my title text box. It didn't turn out quite as I had anticipated due to my very limited IT skills but hoping to 'tweak' it just a LITTLE more over to the left after I have sought some help and advice.

  6. The Gotz girl is so pretty in pink and I love her JJ shoes :)