Monday, 4 July 2011

Continuing with my Sasha funday outfits.

This rather 'minty' petite 1969 Frido doll (still with her gold printed backed tag) has become one of my favourite dolls though whilst her facial expression is quite pretty but 'nothing to write home about like my Gotz waifs' I think that it is her jaunitly trimmed pale blonde wig which gives her such a clean and fresh look, that really attracts me.

I usually give a friend who is going to a Sasha festival or funday to which I am unable to attend some cash to buy me something from the sales tables but when I asked Judith (of Dollydoodles) if she would do it this time, to give Sarah Price a break, she suggested that she would make me up an outfit beforehand and pop it in the post so that I could have it to open on the day. I immediately thought what a good here it is.

It consists of a pale yellow (Judith knows that I like my girls in yellow) short sleeved hoodie over cropped white leggings with rainbow coloured converses.

Best pick up your bucket and spade now in case you forget to bring them with you at the last minute.


  1. She is pretty with her wig and lovely outfit Judith made her.

  2. I love her little face. There is something rather lovely about blonde hair and brown wyws.

  3. She is lovely in yellow and her wig is perfect with her brown eyes!
    Thank you. :)

  4. Really sweet niece of mine!
    You wont believe this Kendal. We've done it again!
    I have got 3 pairs of these leggings for this summer! Lol! xx