Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Gotz Waifs just love COLOURFULL clothing.

1960s Gotz waif, Holly, in a recently won off eBay dress and JJ sandals all ready with her bucket and spade for a visit to the seaside in late July/August.,

She is wearing the butterfly hairslide that Robyn Atwell from the US sent to us.

1960s Gotz waif, Miss Minxy, in a dress sent to me by Steve that one of his new dolls came in.
Seen here with some lovely colour co-ordinated Carnations given to me last week by one of my sister-in-laws.

I just loved this little dress whereas he wasn't so keen lucky me! Worn this Summer with commercially manufactured converses/sneakers instead of the usual pink UGG boots.

Really don't know why I bother putting a hair ribbon in to try to stop the hair falling in her face as just look at all those stray hairs again!

Hair ribbon already discarded.


  1. Two lovely girls Kendal who both suit their dresses really well.

    Hope you have a lovely day, Lorraine

  2. Your girls have gradually converted me to early Gotz kids. I have one little waif and must find another soon.

  3. Kendal, you have such a eye for colour, your kids are always beautifully dressed, they put my kids to shame, lol. xx