Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mini Sasha babies book given to me by Chon, my daughter as a get well present.

Anis gets to hold and open this little book first.

....and is delighted to see heself featured in it with two of her photos taken from the Sasha World article entitled 'My Favourite Sasha Baby.'

Look, here's me in the bath with my little duck and all those bubbles.

I'm in it too. Come and look.

Am I in there? Oh yes, here I am in Kate's little knitted pram suit. Haven't I got big dark eyes?

You're in too Quirky. Remember that day when we all went to the park?

Oh yes. I had a great time. Can we go back again this Summer?

Why am I putting my book on my head? I think baby Woolly you were just showing off to the camera!

Look, I'm in a second time on the last page in my Dollydoodles snowsuit.

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  1. Anis look so sweet in her pink outfit. I love her curls :)