Monday, 14 March 2011

Two more wonderful get well presents. Aren't I the lucky one!

A wonderous little minature bead toy arrives from Cathy Buckler-Mellor as a get well present for me... and the Brood. Great fun and excitment follows as one of the baby boys gets to have a go first.
I'm sure that you'll all enjoy these photos. A million thanks Cathy for such a delightful gift.

This looks different then. What do you do?

Oh, I see now, you move the beads up and over and from from side to side.

Quite tricky but I think that I'm getting the hang of it. You say that it is meant to improve the eye and hand skills?

You need to concentrate quite hard and keep your eyes on the bead as you move it over.

Time now for your afternoon nap. No, it isn't wise to sleep with it like that. You might hurt yourself when you finally fall asleep.

Put it down by the side of you instead and I'll see that nobody takes it from you until you wake up.

A very pretty little butterfly hair slide made by Robbin (Ted's pinafore challenge winner) which is meant to be worn with the pinafore BUT my girls feel that Belle has had enough with getting to wear the outfit SO they have decided to share it amongst themselves, each getting a day to wear it. Here are the first three in line... who just happened to be already wearing a touch of red.

Here we see my new minty girl Cora (see the sand in her neck joint) wearing it. She has only just arrived here and is still in her BIN outfit which I feel needs a T shirt to go underneath it.

Many, many thanks Robbin for this delightful and unique gift.

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  1. Kendal, wonderful photos of your flowers and get well gifts. The butterfly in the hair shots are lovely. I especially like your Cora :)