Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Back home after surgery and doing what I enjoy doing best...Sasha photography and blogging!

New lad, James, who came to help my recovery from surgery. He is a 1968/9 Frido Gregor who I bought on a BIN off ebay. He arrived wearing a smart Sashawardrobe outfit and shoes unknown.

I bought this Dollydoodle outfit especially for him so that he could join in with the rest of the gang who mainly hang out in Dollydoodle Hoodie's and joggers.

James in a Pinestreetstudio summer shorts outfit. Shoes unknown.


  1. So glad you are home and doing well. You have been in my thoughts. Looks like you had good company while in the hospital.

  2. Hello Kendal,
    Lovely to have you back!Hope all went well,it certainly seems so as you are back in action already !! Love your new boy,in fact,I love ALL your dolls ! Take care,don't overdo it will you?
    Chris x

  3. Hi Kendal!

    So nice of you to share photos of your newest addition! James is great and is sure to help your recovery :)

    Take care of yourself and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sasha hugs,

  4. Dear Kendal, it is so nice to watch your blog; your inspiration for dressing and photografing is amazing, the best thing to do to speed up recovering!
    Mary H.

  5. He is gorgeous Kendal and I think the shoes might be ones that Rosie and I made! xx