Thursday, 3 March 2011

Belated Christmas gift from Dollydoodles.

As Christmas is always so hectic for us women (and we hopefully have some presents to open then) Judith decided that she would send me my Christmas present to cheer me up on a grey January day instead.... and here it is. A delightful lilac and white leisure suit plus converses for Holly so that she can now become a member of my Brood's 'Lilac Club.'

I need to look for a lilac ribbon in my ribbon stash (I'm pretty sure that I have one!) to see how that tones in rather than this white one.

I like the layered look so I have teamed it up here with a OOAK over Hoodie by Ruthsdolls.

I love this look of a garment tied around the waist when it gets too hot to wear it normally.

Welcome to the 'Lilac Club' Holly!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Holly!
    I do so love lilac too and have a fair amount of it in my kids wardrobe....
    Lovely outfit xx