Thursday, 10 February 2011

Unfortunately I shall be unable to add any more photos to my blog for the next 4-6 weeks.

As I am having to go into hospital for surgery and the lenghty recovery time afterwards I understand is not conducive to sitting at the computer so I'm closing down my blog for this period with photos of this absolutely delightful, out-of-this-world 'recovery' gift from Ted.

Yes, it is the winning pinafore by Robbin Atwell, in Ted's Pinafore Challenge. A million/trillion thanks Ted for thinking of me in this truly magnificent way. A wish come true. (Who says that there aren't fairy Godmothers or in this case, fairy Godfathers.)

I have chosen Belle, my 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly who reminds me of the Mabel Lucy Atwell dolls (notice the name connection with Robbin's) to wear this gorgeous little outfit. (Please click on each photo to see her supreme craftmanship in every stitch, particularly in the stems of the flowers.)

Actually when I heard that Robbin might be selling one or two of her Sasha creations at the Philadelphia Sasha Evening I WAS going to ask Ted if he was able to buy me this very outfit ...BUT unfortunately the day before I received an SOS from my daughter with regards to her car insurance payment, so that idea literally flew straight out of the window. Can you imagine my surprise and delight then when a few days later this arrived unexpectedly from the US? What a great 'MY mind' reader you must be Ted.

I had the choice of some of my commercially manufactured bar shoes or these JJ sandals to go with this outfit. The sandals won.

I'm hoping that the memory of these adorable pinafore photos will hopefully help see me through some of the dark times ahead.
Many thanks again Ted for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity (...and to Robbin for designing, sewing and making this delightful Sasha outfit available.)


  1. Dear Kendal, surgery, and fysiotherapy afterwards for a couple of weeks?
    We will miss your beautiful photo's and creative Blog input,
    I wish you all the best for the coming time, i am sure you come back refreshed and full of ideas!
    Mary H.

  2. What a perfect choice for Teds pinafore gift.
    Robbin is so very talented and Belle just looks adorable in it.

  3. Having only just found your blog and the world of Sasha dolls I will wait eagerly for your recovery. As one who has experienced several bouts of major surgery, do take it easy and don't rush yourself, even if you 'think' you can do something. Take care, good luck and I look forward to 'seeing' you again.

    The dress is simply divine and such a wonderful gift.


  4. Best wishes that all goes well during the next weeks. Many many good thoughts headed your way.

    What a lovely gift! It looks perfect on Belle, the lucky girl.

    Take it easy and b well, you will be missed.


  5. Dear Kendal,

    We will miss you! We wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    Lauri & Gracie

  6. Dr Lawrence Jones11 February 2011 at 05:23

    Dear Kendal

    The beautiful pics, clothes and history of these dolls is fascinating. I, too, will miss your postings and also wish you a speedy recovery and shall of course, be thinking of you - and all the dolls - when I make my next foray on to the Great Orme. And I am sure that one of your dolls will be spying on me :)

    Take care.


  7. Dear Kendal,

    I am sending heartfelt wishes to you for a speedy recovery. You will have many Sasha lovers supporting you with prayer and loving thoughts.

    Ted is wonderful and Belle is stunning in her new pinnafore by Robbin.

    Sasha hugs (many and big ones),

  8. Hello Kendal,
    Sending many good wishes for a speedy recovery,love your pages (and pages!)of wonderful Sasha dolls,you really make my days as I like nothing better than looking at your gorgeous dolls in their settings and your lovely little stories too,look forward to your return,thanks for the many hours of pleasure that everyone gets with your Sasha blog
    Kind regards
    Chris (I have registered as a member but my original message back to me!!)