Friday, 4 February 2011

An interesting piece of Sasha history for us to enjoy has come to light following an Ebay listing of a copper Sasha Head.

..with a detailed description from Brenda Walton who worked in the Stockport Frido/Trendon/Sasha Doll Ltd. Factory's secretarial office.

This is eBay item 27070145 ending on 09.02.11 from seller ID efk996.

Brenda says that...'The seller is correct in assuming that the copper head was intended as a mask for printing facial details on Sasha, but after having the head drilled for the hexagon screw it seems that no more work was done on this particular mould to complete it as a mask.'

She then goes on to say that 'The Sasha heads and baby heads were moulded almost in entirety - the round cap at the crown of the head, being made by the closure of the upper mould after the polymer, so there were never side parting lines.
I have 5 heads in copper for Sasha Baby - but mine have been finished and used in production (so now they are really half heads)!!! A screw was fitted at the top of the head to hold it firmly in place,then a plate of brass/copper soldered on to the head - at approximately the front hairline, in front of the ears, down each side of the neck (this was for easy handling when the sprayer just had to hold the plate over the dolls face so the mask went easily in place). Once the handling plate was in place, the back part of the head was cut away.'

This is one of Brenda's five baby face moulds and was used for spraying the white paint on the eyelid and corners of the eyes.

Many thanks Brenda for this most interesting piece of Sasha Doll history.

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  1. That is absolutely fascinating and wonderful to be able to see it so well presented too Kendal.
    Thank you xx