Thursday, 3 February 2011

Not quite so close-up face photos.

1970 Trendon very pretty Gingham girl in a Pinestreetstudio floral dress.

1969 Gregor in a Monique real hair Kimberly wig and wearing a Liberty print dress by Sashawardrobe.

1966/7 NP with eyes painted by a Manchester University art student in another Liberty print sleeveless dress by Sashawardrobe.

1969 Party girl sporting a Global Cossette styled wig in a OOOAK Ruthsdoll's smocked homespun material dress.
1970 Gregor customised by Shelly (my unisex doll also known as Jac) in a Pinestreetstudio dress.

My 1960s first Gotz waif in a Monique Peggy-Sue wig and Ruthsdoll's smocked dress.

The next two photos are of 1960s Gotz Fritz, firstly in one of Betsy-May's very first Winter outfit.

And secondly in an early Gotz ski anorak and Pinestreetstudio polo jumper and scarf.

1970 brunette wide faced Gingham girl in a Ruthsdolls OOAK checked smocked dress and the same doll following in...........

A Ruthsdolls OOAK dress and pinafore dress given to me by Dawn Law..

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  1. Aunty Kendal you HAVE been so busy taking pics of our cousins and we are all looking at the photos here so we can tell our Mummy to get some like them for us!
    Love from all your nieces and nephews in Cheltenham. xx