Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My very first Sasha jumper

This is my very first Sasha jumper that my local Sasha and teacher friend beautifully knitted for my dolls back 'in the the years (1997) when I was young/er'..... Photobucket
.....and shown here against my new improvised backcloth (a sheet of wrapping paper found in our local post office for 99pence) having recently admired Shelly's new graffiti wall backcloth. (Nowhere near as nice I agree but will do for the present.)

In my early Sasha collecting years there weren't many Sasha seamstresses around and they certainly weren't available over the internet. Ruth Hartley was the only one that I remotely knew of then and as I hadn't a computer myself it wasn't easy to contact her. A few years later at the age of 62 with the money that my father gave me for my 60th birthday I got a laptop and joined the Sasha_Mart and Sasha-L where I managed to get a copy of the Golden Hands knitting pattern for this cable knit jumper. Photobucket

Kate, who I had just helped start on her Sasha collecting offered to knit me one up. Even though she was following the instructions to a 'T' it turned out a little larger than we had expected but nevertheless we were 'over the moon' with it. My Sashas and Gregors both took turns in wearing it over the original denim Trendon jeans. 'We' thought we were as the expression goes...'the cat's pyjamas!' Photobucket

I have teamed it here with some Dollydoodle's leggings and a vintage-sasha beret borrowed from another outfit and a pair of lilac converses. Photobucket Much appreciated thanks Sarah for these re-sizings and yesterday's helpful phone call concerning the Blogger changes.


  1. Yes that cabled jumper does knit up rather large, much more like a dress. I too have knitted it twice! Thinking perhaps I'd made a mistake the first time.

    I think the wrapping paper backdrop works really well, it looks so real. Never thought of using wrapping paper...Off to shops to see what I can find! Such a wonderful idea.

  2. Love this longer length cable jumper, in such a pretty colour too. Love that you have teamed it with the black leggins and beret and the perfect coloured converses, she looks very trendy! The backdrop is amazing, so realistic, I would have never thought it was wrapping paper, what a genius idea, top marks to you Kendal! Cathy x

  3. Oh Kendal, just when I think I have seen it all... you go and do another amazing thing... always keeping me on my toes.

    It's no wonder I am so passionate about your blog... it always contains gems of information in each and every post. Your photography is visually simulating and I think it is the above two reasons why I come back every morning... rather religiously.

    I love this girl... your wide faced 68 (single fringe) waif... she makes a gorgeous model... with her bobbed hair! I'm quite taken with the outfit she is wearing today. I love the comfy over-sized look of the lavendar cabled sweater paired with black leggings... and matching converse... finished by the classic beret... just perfection!

    I never would have guessed that's a backcloth you have up there... amazing... as it looks quite *real*, and appears to have been a bargin too... a truly wonderful find... good job!

    You have the most creative mind... plus, you know how to use color... you always seem to get the *WOW* factor out of anything you do.

    Thank you for these fab photos... hoping to see more of this girl... she's beautiful, versatile and pose-able... !
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Great story about your friend Kate... and how clothing was so difficult to obtain that you had to resort to patterns and knitting back in 1997.

  4. Lovely photos of your girl in her fabulous outfit, many thanks for sharing Kendal.

    Jill xx

  5. Great pictures Kendal , love the outfit looks so nice and a lovely colour sweater.

    I can see there is going to be a run on brick wrapping paper! and any other that's found to be suitable back drop for Sasha photo's.