Saturday, 17 March 2012

Postcard arrives from Henry

Great excitment today as a postcard arrives from Henry who is on holiday in New Zealand with his Mummy, Lorraine, visiting her parents. Jon, who has just come in from outside picks it up from the front door mat and calls excitedly to the others.


Bethany is the first to arrive and helps Jon carry their very first ever postcard.
Jon is wearing a Frilly-Lilly duffle coat over Dollydoodles skinny jeans and Ruthsdoll's shoes whilst Bethany has a Thelma/Molly tartan pinafore over a Phyllis G. jumper and Ruthsdoll's sandals.


Let's put it on the table so that we can read what Henry has written.


Look it says that Henry is having a fantastic time. They flew over there in an ALL BLACK's aeroplane and are staying in the country surrounded by farms with horses,  highland cattle, ducks, chickens and dogs. He has been on some bush walks and several times to the beach. He is glad that he packed his mackintosh as it was raining there today.


Gotz toddler Bea joins them to hear all about Henry's adventures. She is wearing a OOAK outfit made by Ruthsdolls and given to me one Christmas from Dawn Law.


Bethany shows Bea the pictures on the front of some of the native birds of New Zealand. Look at the one at the top left as this Kakapo is a nocturnal bird that is nearly extinct. If you are near a Kea alpine parrot (seen on the bottom left ) be very careful not to go near to them as they are not 'a-very-nice-to-you' bird. Then there is a Pukeko, a popular water bird and a Tui, an attractive bird who lives in the forests. The Takahe shown in the centre is another endangered bird.


A million thanks again Sarah for adding these latest photos in this larger format.


  1. How delightful... news from their good friend Henry! I imagine that young man is having a fine holiday in New Zealand with him Mum.

    Jon and Bethany are so cute together... I do *so* love the wide faced Sashas.

    A very nice fitting duffle coat Jon is wearing... love the dark blue color on him...!

    Bethany, such a pretty name, looks very comfortable and adorable in this tartan pinafore and jumper...! I love red shoes on little girls... don't you?

    Bea... the little Gotz toddler... such a cutie!

    Thank you for sharing Henry's postcard today... a fun read... nice photos too!
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. What a lovely postcard from Henry, little Bea is adorable and there's that lovely tartan pinafore I love so much! Cathy x

  3. Good to know Lorraine and Henry are enjoying their visit :)
    Wonderful photos of Bethany and Bea and Jon, thank you!