Wednesday, 21 March 2012

1969 Frido PJ boy eagerly waiting for....

A new Dollydoodle dark grey gilet to go withn this outfit as my lads tend to favour the layered look with them spending a lot of their time 'mucking' about out of doors.


When it finally arrives this will be the tenth and my final Gregor that are now dressed in Dollydoodle leisure wear.


This boy has been given the name of Jon and joins Fritz, Jac, Matt, James, Luke, Franz, Ross, Sam.... and Niklaus (the latter who will be making his debut and joining the 'Lads Doodle Gang' at Easter.)


Jon is a minty boy who arrived here in his complete original pyjama outfit, tag and tube but within minutes of spotting the other lads in their casual jersey wear had stripped off and had me rummaging in the Sasha clothes boxes for some joggers, a hoodie and saggy beanie. All that now remains is the gilet to be made and arrive and he's away!


Tons of thanks Sarah.
PS. For those who are interested I have added a little more to the Mothering Sunday Post but there is still a couple more paragraphs to be included when I have a few spare moments and the eyes allow.


  1. Jon is a minty-beautiful boy! He looks to be waiting most patiently.
    I really do like him in this color of dark *steel grey*... and can hardly wait to see him, in his complete outfit, once his gilet arrives.
    I would say he looks just like all the other lads in your brood wearing that signature jersey leisure-wear of Dollydoodles... bet he feels right at home now.
    I always enjoy your pics of the boys... so *boyishly* handsome and up-to-date in their trendy togs.
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous wide faced boy with us today.
    Thank you Sarah W... :)
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Jon is so very nice! His eyes are beautiful :) the Dollydoodles clothing is perfect! Love the photos!!