Monday, 15 August 2011

New Viyella outfit from Betsy-May.

I just love the feel of Viyella, I always dressed my daughter in this lightweight wool material from her 'hand-smocked-round-the- neck nightdresses to her daywear of Paisley patterned pinafores and smocked yoke dresses so was delighted when I saw this Sasha outfit of Mary's made in very this material.

One of my latest Frido 1966 Jeans NP has taken a shine to it, the blue of the bell shaped flower enhancing the colour of her eyes.

Teamed here with a pair of JJs Mary-Jane shoes and commercially made socks.

I also have another of Mary's dresses in Viyella in checked autumnal tones of oranges/beiges with a touch of navy and everytime I dress a Sasha in it it reminds me of my daughter's younger childhood days.


  1. Hello Kendal,

    She is gorgeous!!I love the oufit on her very much,blonde Sasha dolls just look perfect in blue to match their eyes,and this girl's eyes are amazing,thanks for sharing her with us!!
    Chris x

  2. Gorgeous girl Kendal (a girl like her is on my wish list) and the outfit suits her beautifully. I especially love the colour of the little flowers.

  3. Kendal,
    She is a stunner!!!!!

    Her outfit is lovely too :)