Friday, 19 August 2011

A new Autumn/Winter oufit for baby Sasha.

A Trendon customised baby by Shelly wearing a knitted three piece suit by Cuddylugs using a handpainted Alpaca wool.

Seen here playing with her brother's Radio Flyer wagon.

Her favourite soft toy rabbit named 'Creamy' is about to enjoy a ride in the wagon.

I think that the colouring of this wool so suits her blue eyes.


  1. The colours do indeed suit her. What a beautiful outfit that is!

  2. Wow, one could really loose themselves in her eyes. Love the sweater set.

  3. Those eyes!!! I have her big sister with the same style of Shelly special painting, but on a baby they are even more beautiful.

  4. Lovely baby and lovely outfit

  5. I love my new baby niece. AND the outfit is just superb.
    What a happy time Creamy will have playing today! xx

  6. Just received this email from a Sasha friend.

    Hey, I was on your blog this morning and your little baby is the *cutest* in that alpaca outfit w/darling hat, holding "creamy" bunny. Real sweet photos!

  7. Kendal,
    Your baby is so beautiful---what amazing eyes :)