Saturday, 30 July 2011

Two new Dollydoodle outfits for Sasha.

It's the girls turn to have a couple of Dollydoodle's Summer outfits with her new design of more feminine T shirts.

My 1967 Frido Blue or Brown Cord NP tries on this dainty white smock style top over the daisy flowered cropped leggings with JJ flip-flops completing the look.

I'm not 100% convinced that this is the best doll to suit this charming outfit so am about to try it on another doll who you can view further down.

This Sasha has obviously had a little hair trim along the way but personally I really like the length although I would have preferred the fringe to have been a little longer.

The next outfit is being worn by my 1966 Frido Jeans NP with dramatic eyes painted for the Frido factory by a Manchester Art Student. She is I believe featured in the new Sasha The History book.

This pink top is delightfully feminine and colour co-ordinates well with the pink/blue stripped cropped leggings, the blue stripe of which matches her eye colouring perfectly. Commercially made pink converses complete the outfit.

Now trying the top outfit on a 1990s Gotz Modern pale skinned doll, Stella, customised by Kelly Wenarsky as I think that her more up-to-date longer, straight hair suits this trendy look better.

I really love the way that Kelly gives some of her dolls tiny freckles. In this case I understand that she did them here to hide/camoflauge a slight shine mark to her face (on the right hand side cheek near to her nose bridge.)


  1. I do love your second Sasha done, she really is gorgeous. They are all beautiful though. The outfits are great!

  2. Wonderful inspiring pictures Kendal!

  3. I was drooling over these tops at Dawns day but they weren't for sale then as Dood had them on her own dolls. LOVE the striped leggings, buckets and the super hair clips too! Gorgeous girls!

  4. A friend emailed me this comment....

    'Your girls look great in their new *girly* tees with the colors of the summer leggings!'
    Best regards,