Monday, 25 July 2011

A new re-rooted doll by Jackie Rydstom arrives.

I have been admiring Sarah William's re-rooted Sasha models for some time now and so when I saw this Sasha of Jackie Rydstom's advertising a /SashaDollLtd Cora blue cord dress for sale on eBay I emailed to enquire about her doll model and was lucky enough to end up buying her.

The photos directly below are those taken by Jackie herself for me to see the re-rooted hair in detail as I was wanting a doll whose hair would easily plait/braid so that when she was out and about with me her hair wouldn't be blowing in her face as I was photographing her

As you can see her hair looks as good loose or braided.

Jackie even took photos showing her ability to wear lots of differently styled outfits.

I am thinking of calling her Annaliese.

As she arrived nudeI was wondering what sort of clothing that I already had here would suit her the best but...

....that problem was easily solved when this delightful Calico outfit designed and made by Betsy-May that I had just won off eBay arrived at exactly the same time.

I was a bit sceptical about the strawberry blonde hair going with the marroon parts of the material but I think that it really suits her colouring.

I just adore Betsy-May's little hat style on her.


  1. Kendal you must be thrilled to bits shes beautiful and i must say her reroot looks lots more proffesionally done than one of mine ! the outfit betsymay is a very talented lady, i love all her clothes....lucky you ....sarah x

  2. A friend of mine emailed....

    Hi Kendal,
    I really LOVE your new reroot. She's very pretty and I like the style/color of her hair.
    Good job! You always find the coolest looking compliments and congratulations to the new Mummy! Hugs,

  3. WELL!
    If I had seen that outfit you would have had a battle on your hands and I think it is wonderful. Such fun!
    As to my new niece.... I adore the pic of her in the outfit and the favourite one has to be her in the ballet outfit. She is going to be a really versatile and adaptable cutie.
    I hope she is good for her Mum! Love Aunty Sarah xxxxx

  4. A friend emailed me this about the Betsy-May outfit as she is still having trouble adding any comments....

    'I took a better look at her outfit today and I must say it's darling...head to toe...the coordinating shoes and socks right down to the useful accessories...sun hat and purse. Too cute!'