Sunday, 19 June 2011

One of my earlier Sasha World back covers.

My Sasha Dolls have inherited my love of flowers and here are some of them out and about exploring and enjoying our British Spring Flowers.

Top left. Frido 1967 Np now with her hair in a bob seen sitting amongst yellow pansies in a blue knitted, white trimmed jacket by Christine Durand, white Ruthsdolls T shirt and Sashadollstyle jeans.

Top right. Trendon 1970 standing in amongst some Blue bells in a Ruthsdoll's Dungaree outfit.

Middle left.A 1960 Gotz waif wigged in a Monique Peggy-Sue wig and seen here in a Ruthsdoll's OOAK outfit standing amongst the Daffodils.

Centre. A Trendon 1971 baby Nightdress blonde girl in a Sashawardrobe pink fleece and Doll Works tights sniffing the Crocus dark purple flowers for any scent.

Middle right. Trendon 1973 in a Velvet wig and wearing some loose checked dungarees, seamstress unknown, and remembering the delightful little Forget-me-Not flower poem about God the Father giving each of the flowers a name.

Bottom left. Quirky, a 1969 Trendon Baby Woolly in a Sashawardrobe fleece and Doll Works tights admiring some pale yellow Primroses.

Bottom right. 1973 Trendon wigged with a Velvet wig and wearing a Sashadollstyle duffle coat outfit amongst Snowdrops.