Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another baby day.

Finally we have a quilt mat for the kids to play on! Little Stevie in his new Gotz Simon summer dungarees from eBay (unfortunately the T-shirt and sun hat weren't included) gets to try it out first.

I wish you'd stop being so shy and put the pillow down and let us see your sweet little face.

I can see you peeping out with one eye.

Can you put the pillow on your head and balance it there? That's a very clever boy.

(Now we can get to see your dear little face.)

Time for a little play with your favourite 'push and go' toy car.

Before your nap time.

I'd put your car down and then close your eyes.


  1. Precious baby in his new outfit. He is so cute!!

  2. Lawrence Jones19 June 2011 at 06:35

    Ahhhhhh - that's very sweet Kendal......and interesting pic of a Stegosaurus. But what about Fritz's babyhood interests? Did he wear headbands as a baby? Did he reside in a posh pram or consider the installation of an engine to make his pram go faster? All info. gratefully received.

  3. Ah, very cute baby pictures, they are so real looking, act as a real baby would.

  4. Beautiful pictures as always. I do so love your baby pictures Kendal as they are so well posed and real looking! I don't know how you get the babies to sit still, lol.
    Love Big Steve XXX

  5. I think this is a super set of pics and you and Steve have produced a beautiful child by the most wonderfully catholic way and the little miracle himself is just adorable! xx