Monday, 23 May 2011

Softer combinations of colours today.

My favourite little waif, a Frido/Trendon 1969/70 brunette Gingham girl, now wigged with a Monique cropped Peggy-Sue wig wearing a dress by Thelma/Molly of Sasha-Boutique with commercially made shoes and socks.

1966 Frido Developmental Dungaree girl in a 'Frocks and Socks' smocked seersucker dress, one of my very favourite of Jill's dresses here, and commercially made shoes and socks.


  1. Lovely girls and dresses Kendal.

  2. Now look here Kendal! Have you any idea what Im going thru with their cousins here demanding to be dressed the same way so when they visit them soon they wont feel so scruffy?
    The little darlings are giving me a hard time now as they know they will get to play and want a new outfit each for their trip north!
    What else can I do but give in as they are normally so well behaved and a great comfort to their neurotic Mama?!
    Any excuse will do eh?
    They are looking forward to it immensely.
    I shall be in my ancient things as usual and will hide behind a cup of tea ok?
    Love you xx

  3. These girls are lovely. Especially the waif in the Peggy Sue wig. Wonderful :)