Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another rather daring combination of colours.

Holly, my little 1960s Gotz highlight yellow eyed, red headed waif wearing a Ruthsdoll's homespun smocked dress and commercially made shoes and socks.

I must apologise for the creases in her dress from Winter storage as their clothing boxes are getting far too full and I never iron. (Need to have a sort out in these sometime soon.)

I just love her bobbed hairstyle. Tried to locate a matching ribbon in my ribbon box but was unsuccessful.

Definitely bright and cheerful....though maybe a bit too much for some of us. Love the smocking here. (I used to be able to do this but sadly no longer.)

Holly just adores going 'out and about' on adventures with me and is quite fearless when attempting dangerous poses.


  1. Hi Kendal,
    I LOVE the combination !! I love orange,such a happy colour don't you think? suits her beautifully,I adore the redhead dolls,my favourites !!
    Chris xx

  2. Sometimes it is good to be daring, she looks great! I just love the smocking, something I must try when I pluck up the courage. I will have a look in my ribbon box for you. :-)


  3. GORGEOUS!! What a lovely girl! She'd look good in a paper bag, but this colour really looks great on her. Well done for being so daring, it just goes to show that traditional wisdom about what colour goes with which skin/hair tones can be wrong.

  4. Orange looks so much nicer than red on the redheads!!

  5. I think orange is such a great summery colour on little kids and even more so when they are tanned!
    She is super xx

  6. Hi Kendal, I do have an orange ribbon, but I think it might be a bit too light. I'd be happy to send you a bit to see if it is suitable and if it is I can send you a longer length?

  7. She is amazing Kendal. I have an orange ribbon too that might work. I would love to send it to you too if you'd like that. Orange is perfect for Holly :)