Sunday, 24 April 2011

My very tempting Easter Eggs.

I just ADORE chocolate and especially like to eat it in the Easter Egg format.
For the next week these eggs will be cracked open one by one (unfortunately I had already started on the fourth before these photos were taken) and waiting on the little side table by the settee where I sit for me to keep putting my hand out to take yet another piece until they are all gone.
My daughter organised the Sashas to give me this magnificent egg. LOVE their message, bless their little hearts. Many thanks Chon and my Sasha Brood.

Have posed my Sasha that looks so much like my daughter by this one from Chon, one of my favourite of the Thornton's eggs, as I love it's texture and thinness.

My mother always gave me an egg like this and since she passed away three years ago my sister has taken on her tradition. Many thanks, sis.

I'm hoping that these eggs will help to start to put the recently lost weight back on.
(Thought that one or two of you would be amused to hear that I am a Thornton'Chocolate s Shareholder!)


  1. Happy Easter Kendal!!!
    Sasha hugs, Ginger

  2. A shareholder?
    Must be all that chocolate you ate in the past that did it!
    Happy Easter dear friend and Love to you all up there and the Sashas. xx
    LOVE the pics as always and nice to see the other girl in the dress!! xx