Friday, 29 April 2011

My Sasha Brood and the Royal Wedding.

My Sasha Brood wanted to watch the Royal wedding so they all gathered into the living room and made themselves comfortable. Not sure where they are expecting me to sit?

Princes William and Harry leave Clarence House for Westminster Abbey.

First view of the wedding dress.

Kate and her father walk up the aisle.

The exchanging of the wedding vows and ring.

(I'm hoping that the ten Sashas visiting Shelly were able to watch the proceedings too.)


  1. Hello Kendal,
    Love these photos,made me smile !,what a great site to see,all impeccably dressed as one would expect !,hope they didn't get too excited and have gone off to bed by now ...
    Chris xx

  2. Kendal,
    Wonderful photos of your brood watching the Royal Wedding! Hope your day was wonderful too and thanks for sharing this special event with us!
    Sasha hugs,

  3. Hi Kendal,
    I loved the photos, what a beautiful collection. I had to enlarge my screen so I could see each little one. Then I tried to choose a favourite .... totally impossible, I love them all! Many thanks for sharing.
    Sasha love,
    Jill xxx

  4. I've never seen so many Sasha dolls !!! :) How many dolls in your collection?

  5. I'm sure they all enjoyed it tremendously, from the photos I have seen (we do not have a TV) the wedding looked absolutely beautiful and special.

    My you do have a large collection!

  6. Dr Lawrence Jones30 April 2011 at 07:03

    Where are all the satellite dishes - sorry - imaginative hats??? :) :) :) Sasha dolls should have shown the way with appropriate headgear for an upper-class southern wedding. Anyway nice to see a sensible girl sporting a beret - good to see the Gracie Fields' influence is alive and kicking within the Sasha doll domain

    P.S Did you ban the Punks and Hoodies from your philanthropic gathering?

    PPS What about gloves? Sasha dolls are very posh (bet they all went to Penrhos College and NEVER got stains on their skirts or blazers) and should never been seen at such an event without a pair sensible of gloves

  7. Wauww, what an amazing good funny idea Kendal , it should you have kept busy all day long! I love the scenery, very very professionel done!
    I admire your blog ideas!!