Sunday, 19 December 2010

Setting up the Crib.

Fritz offers to put the stable up. Firstly he joins the roof slates together.

Then slides in the two side pieces.

...and finally stands it up. Thanks and well done Fritz.

Girls, you have put a shepherd in by Mary instead of Joseph so let's go back to the beginning again with just the stable.

Bea, keep the star for the moment as we are going to start again, putting the pieces in one by one.

Hold onto the ox while we take out Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus and then you can put him in.

Anis put Mary's donkey back into the crib scene for the moment.
We need him in there.

Right now Quirky we are ready to stand Joseph back in.

That's a good start so far.

Now Mary can go by Joseph's side.

Time for baby Jesus to be born and placed in the manger for a crib.

Well done, Scary.You are really helpful, more than I can say for Anis.

Now we need the angel to go over the stable.

Only a very gentle little touch then please.

Some shepherds were watching over their sheep in nearby fields....when a bright light shone upon them. It was an angel who told them to go to Bethlehem where a Saviour had been born.

Then the sky was filled with angels praising God.

The shepherds arriving at the stable in Bethlehem.

You're a little late bringing in the other lamb aren't you. Oh it's your gift to baby Jesus.

That was a lovely thought. Good boy.

News of the birth of a Saviour reached three Kings in the east and they set out on swift running camels to find the baby.

The Three Wise Men arrive at the stable.

Bea exchanging the guiding Star for an Angel now that the Wise Men have arrived

They bought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Mary and Joseph waving goodbye to the Shepherds and Kings.

The End.


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely Nativity story xx

  2. Great kids, outfits, book and the set is superb.
    I love the kids chosen for these shots. Well loved favourites of mine! xx