Saturday, 18 December 2010

Reading the Christmas Nativity story before setting up the crib.

I bought one of these delightful Dick Bruna books, The Christmas Story, for my daughter on one of her first Christmases and until she almost became a teenager we used to get it out and read it together at bedtime on Christmas Eve. It became a family tradition.
She has always been a Dick Bruna fan and had most of his Miffy books (and posters) that were around in those years. I had always strived to get her a Miffy soft toy but they weren't produced then but now the shops stock loads of these accessories.

I often used copies of these bold drawings in my classroom. I just love their simplicity and bright colours, especially the Three Kings.

Once I made a Nativity scene for the classroom using two pieces of plywood joined together for the stable, pint glass milk bottles for the bodies that I spray painted in suitable colours and with rubber bouncing balls for the heads. Paper tissues, ribbons made the Joseph's and Mary's and the shepherd's head-dresses and the Wise Men's cloaks and paper cake dollies made the King's crowns. Baby Jesus was represented with a children's school glass milk bottle and a smaller rubber ball. His halo was made of silver card and he lay in a cardboard box filled with hay.
(Of course nowadays this wouldn't have been allowed due to health and safety laws but I so wish that I had a photo. of it to look back on.)

The crib scene has been started but I had to abandon it until another day as the conservatory (my studio) was freezing.

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  1. Glad to know your Sasha brood have taken the Bruna nativity tradition on. I don't know how many thousand times I've read this in school and to my own kids, Now it goes under the Christmas tree each year, so visiting children can enjoy it - along with Miffy, my son's grown up son's childhood bear.