Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yet more Autumnal Changes.

1970 Trendon girl in a fake white fur coat won from eBay and Dollfie Mechanic boats that unfortunately don't zip up at the back but look fine from the front and sides.

1966/7 Frido Gingham NP in a Ruthsdolls limited outfit.

1960s crude eyed Gotz girl in a Vintage-Sasha dress with Kiltie tights and commercially made shoes.

1960s slate eyed Gotz waif, Holly, wearing a imitation suede coat and boots won off eBay. (I'm going to try this outfit on a Trendon blue eyed doll later but Holly was just within my reach when the outfit arrived here.)

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  1. Very very, sweet photos all the way up to Christmas settings. lovely!