Saturday, 27 November 2010

An Xmas Outing. Second part.

'Oooh look a fountain! Can I climb up into it?' (Unfortunately this photo doesn't do it justice as the string of tube lighting is flashing giving the effect of flowing water spilling over the sides.)

I just love these baby and Fawn pictures. (If in a few weeks time I go back there again I might well buy one as a Sasha prop.)

If this wheelbarrow had been slightly smaller I would have been tempted to buy one for the Sasha Brood. Meanwhile Ross has put Scarey in it to give him a little ride.

Are you enjoying being in there?

My Sasha Brood just love slides especially Teddy Bear filled ones like these!

'Can you spot me in amongst all these Teddies?'

' Mummy tcan you take a close up photo of me like you did for Scarey when he was up that tree?'

Amy peeping through the railings on a Christmas decorated stairway.

Amy about to knock on a very invitingly painted and decorated Christmas front door. (Unfortunately ours is rather a boring brown!)

Not to be outdone by his friend Quirky, Scarey (so named by Judith of Dollydoodles because of his rather unruly hair when he went to stay with her to try on some of her outfits for size as her new baby girl hadn't yet arrived) climbs high up into snow covered tree.

'Mummy, come closer with the camera so that people can really see me.'

'Even closer. That's much better!'

Quirky baby (so named because of his quirky shaped eye brow) decides he wants to be the centre piece of a Christmas wreath. He is well wrapped up against the very cold day in his little Sashawardrobe fleece and Doll Works tights.

Jac admiring the new style of Christmas Trees on offer this year. He is sporting a Dollydoodles OOAK leisure outfit and Dollfie converses.

Ross, again in sporty wear from Dollydoodles, enjoying the new style Christmas Trees.

Amy with some polar bear cubs outside a log cabin. She is looking very Christmassy in her red Dollydoodles Hoodie, Ruthsdolls polo sweater, NGould jeans and Dollfie converses.

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  1. Kendal - we LOVED the pic with the Sashas on the slide, particularly with the "do not climb" sign in back! :-) Good thing Sasha-sized children are exempt from such rules. Lauri