Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some of my girls enjoying the garden.

My new re-rooted Trendon girl, Annaleise, wearing one of Dollydoodles latest girly T-shirts and cropped denim leggings with converses.

I like the way the light here is filtering through the bushes in the background.

Again I love the tree bark background in this photo.

This is a very photogenic little girl.

One of my favourite Frido girls with her bluntly cut Monique Peggy-Sue wig.

Amy is wearing a very pretty Summery outfit by Dollydoodles consisting of a pale yellow short sleeved hoodie and white cropped leggings and raindow stripped converses.

Amy definitely shows 'attitude' in the picture.

I really like this close-up photo showing the delightful combination of pale blonde hair and brown eyes which Frido/Trendon didn't address.


  1. Trendon DID address the brown eye /blonde hair combination..Sweater 112, Princess 186A, and even Honeyblonde Silk 101 all had brown eyes.

  2. Gorgeous girls and photos Kendal. Annaleise is beautiful.

  3. Hi Kendal,

    I see where the first comment is coming from don't you?but I also feel you were refering to the much earlier Frido/Trendon dolls that you prefer to collect.Love your new girl,who did the re root Kendal please?

  4. Thanks for reminding me about those later Trendon/Sashadollsltd dolls with this colour combination blonde hair/brown eye whom I had completely forgotten about since tailoring my collection many years ago (due to large numbers and finding it too difficult to decide who stayed and who went) to only owning the English and German dolls manufactured between the production years 1965-1975. A recent new Sasha friend asked me the other day if I'd chosen the year 1975 because that was the year that Sasha Morgenthaler passed away. Although it wasn't (just thought that a decade sounded right) I loved the idea.

  5. Annaleise, my lovely new girl was beautifully re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom.

  6. Annaliese is the correct spelling dearest friend!
    She is just super. I think all your Summer outfits are just fab and I like the different expressions these kids all have.
    She has got attitude and I cant understand why some think they are all the same....
    WE KNOW they are most certainly not and some are nsughtier than others too for sure! xx