Saturday, 14 May 2011

New kid on the block!

My second 1969 Gotz No-navel girl, this time with blue eyes.
For so many years during my Sasha Doll collecting I was never even remotely interested or attracted to the later No-navel dolls until a 1969 little pixie-faced-brown-eyed tot seemed to remain on for a very long time with seemingly not much interest. Every morning, and again at night, I would stop by her and say 'Hello' or 'Goodnight' until I plucked up the courage to 'give these No-navel dolls a go'.... and have never looked back.

Lovely to see this rare outfit still altogether and in such wonderful condition. I'd never seen the beige jumper before.

Still not quite sure whether is was the doll or the outfit that finally attracted me but the combination certainly did because here she is.

Looking forward to finding her some home clothes when I next get my Sasha clothing boxes out although I'm not sure just what sort of outfit suits her the best until I've had a few 'try-ons.'


  1. I'm not sure how much I like the Gotz Sasha dolls yet, but I do like her very much. It is interesting to see how our tastes and views change.

  2. She IS sweet and I have always said I would never be a Gotz fan but HAVE bought one in error and was astounded by the difference in the vinyl compared to my Frido dolls.
    I do like some now tho.

  3. She's lovely -I've never seen a no-navel with such lovely eyes. I'm hooked!!! I want one --- no, I NEED one!

  4. Hi Kendal, your Blonde is very beautiful, she is from 1980, according to her eyepaint?
    I have several Nona. in my collection , i love them, they are so slender....with their long arms..

  5. Kendal, the new kid on the block is fantastic!! Her outfit looks so great on her and she is a beautiful NN girl :)