Friday, 6 May 2011

I missed winning this dress on eBay so was delighted to see it back up for sale on last week.

This is quite a different dress from my usual style of Sasha clothing but I really fell in love with it. Seen here on my third early 1960s Gotz doll that I went up to Marie Morgan's to choose on my 61st birthday day.

This girl has a slightly older teenage look about her and some of the best Gotz hair that I have ever seen.

JJ sandals complete the outfit. Just perfect for a special Summer outing.


  1. Hello Kendal,
    Nice to see this dress on your doll,I was reluctant to sell,but lovely to see it on your wonderful site!! enjoy !!
    Chris xxx

  2. It is a little different isn't it, but very pretty.

  3. I simply adore this little dress and must make one like it as it is so very sweet and summery for the girls and very 60s. Perfect.

  4. I am glad to see my dress on your blog.

  5. Dr. Lawrence Jones12 May 2011 at 00:10

    Lovely photographs Kendal ......and some different hats :) Whoever designs and makes these clothes is an exceptionally talented person. Can't you start designing for Christopher Kane? I can't even hem my trousers with any success.....and often resort to Wonder W......!!!

    Have we had any pics with alice bands yet?
    Very Radio 4 :)

    P.S What about clutch bags? Would a Sasha doll carry a clutch bag on a night out with her posh friends?