Friday, 20 May 2011

Dare I put Red on Red???

Yes, I think that I dare! What do you think?

A Gotz 1960s slate eyed girl with a rather mischievious fun-loving look.

Jill of 'Frocks and Socks' has used a very fine and dainty material to make this little dress with. Now the decision is whether to team it with the JJ shoes or JJ sandals?

(I'm personally thinking the sandals.)


  1. Funny, just before you said the Sandals, I was thinking the shoes!

  2. Yes! Red with red, for the sake of my poor red haired cousin who so wanted a red dress to match mine, but was refused by her mother who didn't think it would look right. Every little girl should have a turn of wearing red - it's a lovely colour that all children like.
    PS Definitely sandals - so sweet!

  3. Shoes! Don't like the red on the redhead (: