Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yet more birthday gifts.

A super little Sasha sized tote bag from Cathy Buckler Mellor bought back for us from her visit to San Francisco and seen here with my favourite waif wigged doll. Many, many thanks Cathy for thinking of us.

Oh dear Scary has got hold of it now. Can you see me as I can't see you. Yes, Scary we can see you but you can't see us because you have blind folded yourself by putting it over your head.

Now what are you doing? Are you actually standing in the bag? Practising for your next school sack race did you say? Just be careful that you don't spoil it for the girls.

A delightful little Easter gift was found inside the tote bag. Here we see Bea playing with it, making the Easter Ballerina Bunny dance. Thanks again Cathy.

A great selection of gifts from Shelly. My Sashas will just love the little storage boxes to store their 'bits and bobs.' Super idea of the fencing for props for my blog photos. Definitely need the pen and notelets as I have so many 'thank-you' letters to write. Three BIG thank-you's. You always think of such unusual presents.

My 1969 Pink Party girl gets to pose first with the new fencing. She has even found the watering can to water the flowers in the plant pot. 'Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?'

Now Quirky remember that you have been told that you are not to crawl beyond the fencing boundary.

Bea getting on the scene too. Love your windmill.


  1. Lovely gifts, and the welcome garden gate is just wonderful and brought a smile to my face.

    Two of my 'girls' have been enjoying the good weather today.

  2. What super gifts all round from everyone you have had!
    Shellys fencing is really wonderful for them and the little pot too with the can - just right.
    Adore Doods new outfits and love the baby set especially.
    WE all here Sashas, humans and Chihuahuas and the new puppy wish you all a Happy Easter everyone. xxx