Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all UK Sasha Doll Mothers.

A Trendon 1972 doll wearing my new Pinestreetstudio outfit for Mother's Day and commercially made shoes and socks.

1967 Ballet NP in a Ruthsdolls outfit with commercially manufactured shoes and socks.

A Gotz 1970 N0-Navel girl in a vintage-sasha dress which I think so suits her colouring, Pinestreetstudio socks and JJ shoes.

1990s Gotz Stella customised by Kelly Wenarsky looking very pretty in Dungarees by vintage-sasha with a Ruthsdoll's T shirt and JJ sandals.

Holly, a 1960s slate-eyed Gotz waif in a ngould outfit and commercially made shoes.

A Frido Single Fringe girl in a vintage-sasha dress, socks by Joyce Jordan and JJ sandals.


  1. Hope each and every one of your Sasha children gave you choccies or flowers. They certainly have reason to think you are a great mum!

  2. Thank you :-) We had a lovely day.

    They all look gorgeous!

  3. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!
    Your girls are amazing!!!

  4. Hope my nieces and nephews behaved themselves and that you got lots of well deserved treats!
    Im sure you did from Chon!
    Love to all xx

  5. Hello, I'm Ane, a Chon's friend. She gaved me the adresse of your blog, which is gorgeous. I have myself a blog, I have just started.
    I will love to publish one of the pictures from your blog into mine. Would you give me the permisson to do it?
    Thank you in advance