Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No overall theme just 'Bits and Bobs' ...especially for Ted''s next coffee break.

Large headed 1960s yellow eyed with lashes Gotz girl in a brushed cotton Karensyarn smock style dress, that I think so suits her colouring. (Have removed her navy tights due to the recent warmer weather.) JJ shoes and commercially made socks.

1972 White Knit minty Cora seen here in a pinafore by Molly, a long sleeved jumper by Phyllis G. from the US and commercially manufactured shoes and socks. A Robbin Atwell Butterfly slide.

1966 Frido NP with OOAK dramatic eyes painted by a Manchester Art student for Frido seen here in a Dollydoodlle Hoodie and leggings with a Ruthsdolls gilet over the top and commercially manufactured converses.

Quirky, a 1969/70 Frido baby Woolly with his quirky eyebrow (hence his name) deciding to have a play and bounce on his space hopper, 'Hoppity.' He is wearing a little outfit by sasha*smiles.

Right, I'm going to stand you upright before I try to get up.

I'm now hopefully sitting comfortable and ready to start bouncing.

Just a little kiss to say thank you for playing with me.

Isn't life just wonderful!

1969/1970 minty Trendon baby Woolly (just noticed that he even has his gold printed tag still on him) getting his wooden trike out ready to have a little ride around.

This is great! It's just the perfect size for me. He iswearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls out with the Laura Ashley materials supplied by me.

Look! I can even ride sitting backwards! 'Oh, please be careful.'

I just love my Trike!

Isn't life good for us babies?


  1. Cora is fabulous! I've never found one with such good hair - love her little girl outfit too, Cora is often dressed in older child style clothing. Yours looks great.

  2. The baby kissing the spacehopper is priceless! xx