Friday, 3 December 2010

At long last another outfit for my Studio Doll so that I can now play 'redressing' her.

I have always wanted a Studio Doll with plaited hair and always very partial to the Farmchild outfit so I was delighted when I was able to buy both together as seen here.

Then came the time that I was wishing that I could play and change her clothing occasionally so I was thrilled when I saw lovely some reproduction clothing made by Thu Cuc Faes for sale on so I chose two outfits, an Autumn/ Winter seen here and one for the Spring/Summer in a lilac gingham to be listed later.
Here she is first in her 'all in one' undergarmenbt with picot trim.

This is a beige, as I thought that it complimented her overall colouring, fine cord dress in Sasha Morgenthaler's now famous high yoked smock style with matching shorts/pants and white Peter Pan collar.

...And hand knitted white cotton socks.

...And real leather fisherman's sandals in brown.

...and as a finishing touch some brown hair ribbons to complete the look.

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